About Titan Konstruktion

Specialising in data centers and turn key operations


We are a growing construction company forged in the harsh conditions of northern Sweden.

We specialize in the delivery of complex projects and turn-key contracts. The experience of our dedicated valued employees is the key that enables us to take on big and complex tasks. We pride ourselves in completing our projects on time, within budget and with a creative mindset. We work in close cooperation with our customers and sub-contractors, to ensure the best results at all time. At Titan Konstruktion, we excel in safety procedures and always ensure that the standards for safety and sustainability are met within the project.



Data center expertise

We operate in an area of the world suited for data centers. The cold climate combined with sustainable and affordable energy production are the main reasons some of the world’s largest companies have opted for establishing their facilities in the region. We are a local company and have worked in the region extensively. Whether it’s colocation, blockchain or custom data centers, we have worked with large and complex data center construction and are used to the procedures and needs required by projects of this nature. Since we are natives to this perfect region, we are used to working in harsh winter conditions and we know how to get things done here.


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Titan Konstruktion AB

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Henrik Mattsson

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henrik @ titankonstruktion.se