Our primary focus is always the people who are shown in what we build and construct. We want to share our journey and our values.


We are a privately owned and fast growing construction company, founded in 2016. Our name, Titan, reflects our great achievements. Achievements realized through our most important asset, our employees. With our international composition of competent people, we have the capacity to manage complex construction work. Today, we are specialists in advanced contracting with cutting edge expertise in data centers where world leading companies hire us. We work with inclusion and diversity within the company, in our projects and with our customers.


We are acting long-term and expect to develop during economic fluctuations and other societal developments. This means an awareness throughout all our processes. Choosing sustainable materials, having efficient logistics and completing our projects on time. We perform within budget and with a creative mindset. The long-term perspective can also be seen in the way we handle our work environment. Our employees and subcontractors never take unnecessary risks and risk analyzes are made on an ongoing basis. This means we excel in safety procedures and always ensure that the standards for safety and sustainability are always met within the projects. Our primary focus is, and will always be, the users of what we build and construct.