Titan konstruktion AB

Kungsgatan 5A

97235 Luleå, Sweden

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Useful contacts


If you’re a client with a construction project open for bidding, or if you have inquiries about current tender processes, please reach out to us at

[email protected]


If there are any forthcoming projects you’d like to explore collaboration opportunities with us, please get in touch at:

[email protected]

New Business Opportunities

If you’re keen on engaging in business with us or wish to propose new business ventures, please reach out at:

[email protected]


For any inquiries regarding our office premisses, building, or the surrounding area, please feel free to contact us at:

[email protected]


For any financial inquiries or matters, please reach out to our finance department at:

[email protected]

Connect with Titan

For general inquiries, marketing purposes, press, or to connect with Titan in general, please contact us at:

[email protected]

Connect with T-Infrastructure

If you’re interested in infrastructure projects or have inquiries regarding such endeavours, please get in touch with us at:

[email protected]

Management team

Johan Mattsson

Chief Marketing Officer

Henrik Mattsson

Chief Executive Officer

Robin Vikström

Chief Business Officer


Marcus Linna

Chief Financial Officer

Human resource

Alina Kotova

Human Resource Manager


William Aspebo

Civil and Infrastructure Manager

+46 (0) 76 721 39 88

[email protected]


Mikael Holm

Senior Advisor

You can find all our employees, vacancies and information about internships on our career page.