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We solve the most difficult challenges in different types of construction projects. Our project managers put together teams that deliver at the highest level. Our strength lies in the management of complex projects and turnkey operations. Read more about our offer and business areas below.


Usually we handle projects from start to finish. Our turnkey contracts includes industrial buildings, offices, homes and data centers. We have gained our cutting-edge expertise in data centers by operating in a region suitable for them. Our knowledge in combination with a cold climate but also sustainable and affordable energy production, has given us the opportunity to work with some of the world’s largest companies.


Sometimes projects require a little bit more. Specific ideas or complex design solutions means that we must provide specialist competence and experienced project managers who can coordinate the work. This is our strength. A prerequisite for overcoming the most difficult challenges is strong partnerships through which we ensure long-term value creation. We strive to achieve the best results at every given opportunity, therefore we choose to work closely with our customers and subcontractors.


We handle different types of earthworks and civil works, both as contractor and subcontractor. The benefit of having employees with 40 years of experience in various types of construction work means that we can guarantee the best finish on the job we perform. During our years in the industry, we have been involved in a number of large-scale projects, with clients in both private and public sector.


Logistics management is shortly about transporting materials and people in a safe and secure way at our construction sites. In reality, the logistics process is far more complicated than that and requires people with great knowledge and experience. We plan our project stages in advance and make complete inventories of materials and tools required. A large part of the complexity lies in controlling the supply chain resources. We know that planning, implementation and control over the resources and people in a construction project is of utmost importance. The logistics management effects both efficiency and productivity, which has an impact on cost and time. Good logistics management means that necessary work efforts are carried out without delays caused by missing material. It also creates conditions for safe transport routes for everyone who works at the site.

Our logistics manager is responsible for the entire logistics chain. That responsibility includes coordination of the work team, materials and equipment at the construction site. The work takes place in close collaboration with project planners, the commercial management and the construction manager to ensure that all activities are correct throughout the project. The logistics work means that we have control over the material. Deliveries, losses and mechanical equipment, such as cranes and elevators, required. The logistics also include the construction site’s roads, barracks, fences, signage and snow removal during the winter.

The effects of our logistics management contribute to deliveries being received and handled immediately, schedules kept within given deadlines, cost savings, waste reduction, risk minimization of material damage and that our construction sites can be kept safe, clean and mobile.