Titan Konstruktion has been awarded a contract by Equans for a new industrial facility in Skellefteå

Titan Konstruktion has been awarded a contract by Equans for a new industrial facility in Skellefteå

23 May 2024

Equans, a world leader in the energy and service sector, has commissioned Titan Konstruktion to deliver a clean and dry room facility to a new industrial establishment in Skellefteå. The work will begin immediately and be completed in Q4 2024.

The Swedish company Titan Konstruktion specializes in complex construction and infrastructure work. Over the past years, it has been responsible for construction projects for world-leading companies in the green transition. Titan Konstruktion has now signed an agreement with the French company Equans, which means that Titan will be the general contractor for constructing a clean and dry room facility at newly established industrial operations in Skellefteå. The project will be the first that Titan Konstruktion carries out for Equans.

-We are very proud to be able to start a collaboration with such a well-established player as Equans. At Titan Konstruktion, we have built up a business that is characterized by an international touch, and a project like this, which requires coordination between several different parties and is carried out in a global context, suits us very well, says Tom Kearney, Project Director at Titan Konstruktion.

A clean and dry room means that the work environment is characterized by extremely high cleanliness and dryness. This may include laboratories and various types of development or test environments. With the new construction project, Titan Konstruktion will be able to use the company’s solid experience and knowledge of complex construction in an industrial environment.

-A lot is happening in and around Skellefteå, and at Titan Konstruktion, we are pleased to have been entrusted by Equans to be involved and contribute to the sustainable development that has taken off in northern Sweden. We hope that this project is just the beginning of a long-term collaboration where we will have the opportunity to be one of their main delivery partners in the Nordic region. Thank you, Equans, for your trust, says Tom Kearney.

The construction project will start immediately and is expected to be completed in Q4 2024.

For more information, please contact:

Tom Kearney

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