Titan Konstruktion delivers a weathertight building to a new industrial establishment in Skellefteå

Titan Konstruktion delivers a weathertight building to a new industrial establishment in Skellefteå

07 June 2024

Titan Konstruktion has successfully completed a significant phase of one of the company’s projects for a new industrial establishment in Skellefteå. This milestone, which will be a pivotal part of a new factory upon completion, involved structural steelwork and cladding to ensure the building is weatherproof. This achievement paves the way for the next crucial step, the casting of internal slabs.

-The project posed unique challenges, particularly the need to seal the building completely before casting the slabs. The weather conditions in northern Sweden, including the potential for melting ice during spring, required us to act swiftly without compromising the quality of the end-product or the safety of our team. This is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality work under challenging circumstances, says Nicolas Bravo, Lead project manager at Titan Konstruktion.

 The building is in a new industrial area in Skellefteå and will be an important part of the client’s production line. Titan used an exceptional 3,500 tonnes of steel during the weather-tightening stage, lasting two months and three weeks.

-Building strong relationships with each stakeholder is a cornerstone of our approach to fast-paced projects. When everyone feels valued and included, we can share ideas, expertise, and experiences more openly. While unexpected challenges are inevitable, we believe in the power of collective problem-solving. We may face unexpected challenges, but when they arise, we tackle them together, Nicolas Bravo says.

Since 2021, Titan has carried out many projects for the client in question. For instance, Titan also led the architectural work of the client’s new recycling center, which will be connected to the new building.

-We have found great chemistry with the customer, and they trust our expertise and leadership for these complex industrial projects. Now, we look forward to deepening our cooperation with more CSA projects, that is, civil, structural, and architectural, says Nicolas.

Titan Konstruktion’s next step is to start casting the slabs inside the industrial building. This is scheduled for the summer of 2024 and is expected to be finished in two months.

-As with the weather-tightening, the casting process is on pace to finish in time and according to budget. At Titan, we would like to thank our partners CSK, EVKA, Titan INFRA, and PRIMEKSS for their fantastic work in achieving the first milestone date, Nicolas finishes.